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Bill Loves the Wish List... Why? Because his beautiful wife LOVES the Wish List!

Bill’s wife comes into Don Basch Jewelers and finds items she really likes. She puts those items on her “Wish List”. Bill knows that when he comes in, a Don Basch sales associate will have all the items and styles his wife is going to LOVE!

Joe was thrilled about a “Denise Anne” Diamond for his fiancé

After trying a dozen jewelry stores he found Don Basch Jewelers, the Medina location. Dustin Basch helped him to look at cuts and informed him what elements make a diamond special. He was shown the exclusive “Denise Anne” Diamond, and it was love at first sight. It was also love at 2nd, 3rd, and many more sightings!

Sheila and her custom wedding ring surprise!

Sheila’s husband surprised her with a trip to Don Basch Jewelers to update her wedding ring. Denise Basch overheard their request to keep the original diamond. How did it turn out? Well Sheila will tell you!



Rob on Buying an Anniversary Diamond with Confidence!

Rob admitted he is a picky shopper. He is the type of man who wants to know everything he can before making a purchase. So it was a match made in heaven when he walked into Don Basch Jewelers. Not only does Don Basch Jewelers have a great inventory, but they also have a great staff. As a family in the Jewelery business for over 30 years, everyone you meet has a passion and natural expertise in the Jewelery industry. Rob discovered that they also are happy to share information and educate customers on the ins-and-outs of the industry.

Kevin and Kelly talk about creating the Perfect Engagement Ring!

Kevin and Kelly are a wonderful couple, and we at Don Basch Jewelers wish them the very best in their marriage. We know they started out on the right path with the “Denise Anne” Diamond in a custom design. Kevin took his ideas in to Daniel Basch, who used CAD computer software to make his dream a full color design. He then used a mill to create a wax 3D sample so that Kevin could get the feeling and a taste of what the finished ring would be like. Dan and Kevin worked together to fine tune Kevin’s image of the perfect ring for Kelly. They then went to Don Basch himself to make Kevin’s dream a reality!

Chase Blackburn of the Carolina Panthers, formerly of the New York Giants

Chase Blackburn shops at Don Basch Jewelers, and he makes every moment count, not only for his lovely wife Megan, but sends all of his NFL buddies to Don Basch Jewelers. Jewelry the pros wear, at Don Basch Jewelers.



Lisa talks about her “Denise Anne” Diamond

Lisa has a “Denise Anne” Diamond and her life hasn’t been the same since. She can’t go anywhere without the eyes of the crowds glued to her finger. It’s perfect!

Richard Hipple tells us why he keeps coming to Don Basch Jewelers!

Richard Hipple has been a proud patron of Don Basch Jewelers for many years.





Don Basch Jewelers has been serving the community for over 40 years. Starting as a trade shop in 1979, servicing over 100 stores, the Basch family has always had hard work, the vision of the customer, and family values at the foundation of their business.

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