Santa's Hide A Way Hollow

SantaSanta's Hide A Way Hollow, a non-profit organization founded in 1981, is dedicated to working with seriously and terminally ill children and their families to provide comfort and support throughout the final stages of the child's illness. Many children ask to see Santa for a last Christmas as they near the end of their struggle. Santa's Hide Away is committed to meeting that very need any time of the year. Santa gives his healing Spirit to all!



Terminally and seriously ill children face incredible personal challenges throughout the progressive stages of their illness. The mythology and folkways of Santa Claus represents a very special form of support for these children. Santa Claus is about listening and supporting a child's dreams, wishes and emotional and spiritual needs. A day of excitement being with Santa is a statement about the child's worthiness. A child is encouraged to ask for what it is he or she wants and participates in the Spirit of Christmas with their family and friends. Santa also provides joyful and fond memories for the families that will support their healing needs after the loss of their loved one.



Santa has seen over 58,000 sick children over the last 30 years. We are 100% volunteer driven. No one in the organization receives a salary or fee. Santa arrives on the North Pole Firetrucks which are actual firetrucks driven by actual firemen who volunteer their time when not on duty at their stations.