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Earns To YouThe idea for Ears To You came while Ruth was in the hospital for a possible infection in April 2008. With lots of time on her hands, she spent time thinking about what she could do to help other women going through treatment. As she sat there in her hospital gown in her bandanna without any earrings or makeup on, she realized how important those little everyday adornments were that made her feel more attractive and "normal." With God's inspiration, Ruth decided that providing earrings to women undergoing chemotherapy would be something she could not only do, but could get started right away!

Once Ruth had the idea for Ears To You and got the great name from her brother who works in advertising. she knew who to turn to for help. Her friend Debbie Smith, owner of a home based business called Rings & Other Things, knew how to get earrings at a great price to get the program started. Since Debbie is a vendor, she can secure earrings that are cute, fashionable, nickel and lead-free at a great price and then sells them to Ears To You for just $5 a pair.

Ruth started the program at the Cleveland Clinic. In fact, the first day the earrings were passed out was the last chemo treatment for Ruth. What a sweet day that was! Many patients couldn't decide between earrings so they were told to take both pairs! From there, Ears To You has been expanded to hospitals around the country and has continued to bring smiles to women and girls with cancer!

The earrings are passed out by nurses or social workers, and each hospital has developed a system that works for their purposes. Sometimes a woman will receive a new pair of earrings at each chemotherapy treatment; other times a woman may receive a pair of earrings on a day when she's especially struggling, or at her last chemo treatment.

DenniesEach pair of earrings is put on an earring card that says "Ears To You" so each pair looks great. The earrings that are passed out are either bought through Debbie or donated to Ruth. All the earrings are NEW and range in size, style and appearance. This is what makes the program work so well! With women of varying ages, styles and preferences going through treatment, it is imperative to have earrings that will be attractive to every woman.

Since that day in June 2008, Ears To You has provided over 6,000 pairs of earrings to women undergoing chemotherapy. It is our hope that Ears To You can continued to be expanded to hospitals around the country and the world! Women and tweens/teens everywhere going through chemo should be able to get that little boost from a new pair of earrings that she selects! Get on board with Ears To You today!



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