Who is Le Vian and what is the Le Vian Pop Up Shop?


Le Vian is a family owned company for over 500 years known for their high spectrum chocolate diamonds and exotic gemstone jewelry. The Le Vian Pop Up Shop is a once a year event hosted by Don Basch Jewelers and Le Vian to showcase their entire Exclusive Independent Collection line of Le Vian jewelry and time pieces with special discounts and offers only available the day of the event.


Which Don Basch Jewelers locations are hosting the Le Vian Pop Up Shop Event?


All 3 Don Basch Jewelers locations will be hosting a Le Vian Pop Up Shop Event. Please feel free to attend the locations of your choice or all 3 locations if you wish! Here are the dates and times for each location...

Medina, Tuesday March 20th - 10am to 8pm
Ravenna, Wednesday March 21st - 10am to 8pm
Macedonia, Thursday, March 22nd - 10am to 8pm


What special discounts are being offered at the event?


All event items will be available at a 20% discount and all DBJ in-stock items will be available at a 10% discount.


Can I trade in a Le Vian piece I already own for a new piece at the event?


Yes! In fact, the Le Vian Trade-Up policy is only available at the event and you will receive 100% of the original purchase price for the piece you are trading. Some restrictions and qualifications do apply.


Are there any advantages to pre-registering for the event?


When you pre-register for the show and schedule an appointment, you’ll receive a 1.0 CT Chocolate Quartz stone the night of the show. If you make any purchase at the event we’ll upgrade your 1 CT stone to a FREE 3 CT Chocolate Quartz.


Are there any special items that will only be offered at the event?


Yes! All items at the event are one-of-a-kind pieces or at most no more than 6 are made. There is also a “Show Special Collection” of one-of-a-kind pieces at a reduced price that will only be available the day of the event on a first come, first served basis.


Can I see what pieces and “show special” items will be available at the event ahead of time?


Yes! For the first time we are excited to offer the opportunity for you to come in and see the entire Exclusive Independent Collection and Show Special collection online prior to the event. We are also offering the opportunity for you to put a deposit on a piece prior to the event and that piece will be held for you to pick up the day of the event. To schedule a pre-consultation with a Don Basch Jewelers sales professional please call the locations most convenient for you.


I have more questions about the event and about the Le Vian company and their jewelry collections, who should I contact to get more information?


You’re welcome to call or stop in any Don Basch Jewelers location and any one of our sales professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have, and if for any reason we don’t have the answer, we do have a very close relationship with our friends at Le Vian and will be happy to get an answer for you prior to the event.

Click Here to Pre-Register Online and Qualify for all Event Discounts and Offers!!