• Garnet

    January - Garnet

    Rich orange and golden hues, striking greens and petal-soft colors of violet and lavender, all await your selection. Well-cut garnets are very brilliant and striking gems. The garnet represents loyalty, faithfulness and truth.

  • February - Amethyst

    February - Amethyst

    The combined characteristics of beautiful color, toughness and hardness make this a highly valued member of the quartz family and a great choice for jewelry. This gemstone represents a sense of calmness & dependable nature.

  • March - Aquamarine

    March - Aquamarine

    A refreshing sea-blue color, this stone is spectacular when cut into an oval or rectangular shape. Aquamarine symbolizes youth, hope, health & fidelity.

  • Diamond

    April- Diamond

    The most brilliant of all gems and hardest natural substance on earth. Currently diamonds symbolize love and endurance, and in the past have symbolized strength, courage and invincibility.

  • May - Emerald

    May - Emerald

    As one of the most popular colored gemstones, emerald's ideal color is a deep rich green. Emeralds are known for of fertility, rebirth, springtime and love.

  • Alexandrite

    June - Pearl / Alexandrite

    Pearl is one of the most unique gemstones in the world. Grown inside an oyster, pearls have long been regarded as one of the most beautiful accent pieces for jewelry. Pearl is known to represent purity and honesty.

  • July - Ruby

    July - Ruby

    With a desirable color of deep to pinkish red, ruby is second only to diamond in hardness. Many people associate its brilliant crimson color with passion and love, and represent perfection to those who wear it.

  • August - Peridot

    August - Peridot

    With a lively green color that is usually transparent with few inclusions, peridot is believed to stand for chivalry, bravery and sincerity.

  • September - Sapphire

    September - Sapphire

    Available in colors including pink, orange, violet, green, black and deep blue, which embodies the traits of faith, hope and destiny.

  • October - Opal / Pink Tourmaline

    October - Opal / Pink Tourmaline

    Colorless, white, black, gray, red, blue, orange and yellow are all colors of the opal. It was in medieval times believed to have been used as a cure for diseases of the eye. The black opal is regarded as an exceptionally lucky stone.

  • November - Citrine

    November - Citrine

    Citrine is a bright, rich yellow gemstone. According to myth, this gemstone is known as the "stone of strength."

  • November - Citrine

    December - Blue Topaz

    The most popular color of topaz, the blue topaz has become the top-selling non-traditional colored stone. Believed to improve overall health and strengthen the mind, blue topaz is an enduring symbol of love and affection.